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Welcome to T&I! The corner of PC where we spend all day comparing Apple to Android and building computers NASA would be proud of. In this forum we discuss anything from word processors, to websites to what mobile phone you should get next.
Let me Google that for you
As much as we love to help you with your computer problems, it would be a lot quicker if you ran your question through Google before you made a thread here as that is what the majority of us will end up doing anyway.
We also ask that if you are asking a tech help question you use the [Help] prefix.
"Who here plays..."
Let me stop you right there. This isn't the place to discuss video games, we actually have an entire forum dedicated to just that. The Video Gaming forum can be found right here. Make sure you read the rules over there too!
No post farming
The staff are very aware that there are some threads here in T&I that are very easy to post in, and can be posted in more than once such as the desktop screenshot thread. As much as we want you to post in and use these threads we will be looking out for people who abuse these threads to boost their post counts.
Use the search feature
Thinking of making a thread? Brilliant! But first use the search feature located at the top of the forum to see if the thread you are thinking of making already exists and isn't over a month old.
"What do you think of my website?"
We'd love to give you feedback and help you improve your website, but please don't make a new thread asking for it. If you'd like some feedback please use the sticky thread located here.
Expand on your posts
T&I has a lot of threads which could be answered with only a few words, such as the "What is your favourite OS" thread. We don't mind threads like these, but when you are answering the thread please expand on your answer. Don't just state your favourite operating, state why it's your favourite as well.
No advertising
This is already in the forum wide rules but to avoid confusion, just because we have a thread discussing user created websites it doesn't mean you can advertise one. You may mention a website if it is relevant to the discussion or if you want feedback in the webmaster discussion thread but that is all. Please do not also plug any social media handles you have or your Youtube account, either. Any flat out advertisement seen will be deleted and the user punished.
Any further questions
If you have any further questions, please feel free to PM/VM Tsutarja with your query.

All credit goes to Hybrid Trainer for the original version of these rules.

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