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Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post
^"Big sack of cat..." lol, don't you mean Purugly instead of Glameow? Lol, cause Glameow is sort of anorexic. Also thanks for saving da club. It sorta died...a bunch of times...waitaminute, this club is Rory.

I think the loser for cats'd be Meowth. It's just weird and weak. Plus in a battle, randomly getting money isn't really gonna help you. Winner would be either Purugly or Luxray. Physical and special respectively...

Dogs? Lucario. I've always thought of it to be smart and plotting, so I think it'd rationally kick butt. Loser would be Lillipup. Even though its evolution is a Giant Lump of Dog
Oops, yes I do mean Purugly xD I always get those two mixed up for some reason :( And did you just make a Dr Who reference? If so I love you and TALK TO ME ASAP WE SHOULD BE FRIENDS.

But yeah, as for your suggestions, I can't believe I forgot about Lucario. xD Like 90% of cat/dog Pokémon are weak against Lucario so of course he'd win - I can't believe I didn't think of that lmao. Also you have no idea how happy "Giant Lump of Dog Mustache" made me - we definitely need to be friends. xD Does kinda raise the question that are there too many cat/dog Pokémon? I mean, based on the giant dog moustache thing they're obviously running out of ideas D; Not that I can think of many more... Surprised there's no tigers though o3o

Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
If all the feline & canine Pokémon had a battle royal, which Pokémon would win? Which would lose?

I hate to admit that, since I'm a cat-person but generally Pokédogs tend to be tougher :/ Well, of course, I guess this Battle Royal doesn't include the legendaries, otherwise it'd be unfair. So to me the winner would be Arcanine. The final fight would oppose it against Houndoom, the two fire-dogs, but the resistance and the strenght of Arcanine would gain the upper hand, since it would be more a physical battle (using fire-attacks would be a bad strategic choice in view of the opponent).
Then, the first that would be knocked out would be the cute Skitty. And also Snubull. Yes, they would faint both at the same time ^^ I can't see them as real fighters (disregarding their evolutions).
Poor Skitty ;; Interesting though, what makes you think the Fire dogs will triumph? :3 I know Arcanine is incredibly powerful and it's seen as a huge threat in a well-made team, but if you think about the bulk of some Pokémon like Purugy and the fact that these Pokémon have moves like Earthquake, I'm not so sure they would win ;3 I guess it depends if Lucario sweeps Purugly before it gets the chance to take on Arcanine hehe xD