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I love the game but I'm nowhere near as good as I used to be. I used to play all the time but these days there's nobody around. I have a wooden Balinese chess set that is pretty cool, the pieces are really unique.

@dragon: I'm very familiar with it, love the four move checkmate. But it only works on people who don't know the game that well, same for the three move. Trying to not be offensive here but the two-move only works on complete idiots or absolute beginners (I have a tendency to put things to harsh sorry about that.

@Bloodex I did a very similar "competition" with another grandmaster (may have been him) and it was the same here, nobody one although a few of us tied him or at least lasted a long time (My proudest achievement was being the third longest game).

In general though it's a great game and a dying art, I wish more people were interested.

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