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Well actually look at what EA accomplished in the last say 5 to 7 years. There hasn't been a good NFS game since Carbon or before that Most Wanted. They quit making quality ones after that. NFS Carbon and Most Wanted were both single player but at the same time had split screen. As another frachise, look at Madden for example. They haven't made a good madden game since let me say Madden 2007 or so? I honestly lost all respect for EA a long time ago and would not care if they went out of business. The only accomplisments they got is Battlefield and they are the developers they just own Frostbite. When EA falls to the ground no more NFS, no more Madden, and no more Battlefield.

I think their doing it for money cuz they are EASILY the greediest gaming company on the planet. They know people play online so therefore people are gonna buy their games. Gamers will keep buying their crap cuz they like the series. Let's take Madden 13 for example. It's the last game they released and I looked at the features for game play it has and I'd say about 90% of it is about online. They really didn't do nothing new except in the last 2 or 3 Madden games take out probably the best selling game mode in the game. Which is superstar mode. Their only in it for cheese and as long as people don't start realizing their gonna keep selling their crap. Please 2K bring back 2K Football and put these fools out of business.
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