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Originally Posted by AshleyKetchum View Post
Only dubbed for me unless its some obscure series that will never be dubbed (Reborn)
It all depends on what anime you watch. Before you watch subs, a lot of times you won't really care.

I didn't watch anything subbed until I started my 5th anime, which had an awful dub, unbearable. So I watched it subbed, then rewatched the other 5 subbed and decided that (aside from dbz and pokemon) i would only watch subs.

All people are different though, and it all depends on the anime, a lot of dubs are done well, particularly (I've noticed) the dubs funimation does, they tend to get it right. But theres a lot of time that one character with the annoying voice that makes me hate the dub.

Natsu : Fairy Tail
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