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Quote originally posted by TylerSymes:
I used to always think Pokémon Chronicles was a spin-off (The cartoon network ad made me think so) that had nothing to do with the normal anime and i knew about all that for years and most 10 year olds would rather watch their pokemon from their games on tv like Oshawott

I agree, we can already watch most of them on the internet, and the target audience (which always has an advantage over us, the older audience) is the reason they were banned in the first place, because it's simply not good for children to watch. I've seen most of them anyways.

BTW +1 internets to you for having a fluttershy avvie.

And also to the OP, you forgot to Mention "Tentacool and Tentacruel" banned because of the September 11th crisis was brought to mind by the pokemon destroying the city.

Quote originally posted by rohaan66:
Im sure everyone wants to see all the banned/unaired episodes! Its ok if you find them subbed but dubbed would be awesome! I have seen the christmas one with jynx and it is dubbed. I dont know whether it was supposed to be or not

They also recolored Jynx purple in some of the future episodes.

Quote originally posted by nickstr:
No its not a real episode at all, although Under the Mistletoe is a song on Pokemon Christmas Bash. If it was real I would have seen it by now as I have something of an obsession with Misty and have been trying to hunt down every single episode or short she has ever been seen in.

If you liked the banned episodes about misty, you should check out some of the censored cards, if you haven't already heard about it, Misty's tears. I just recently took interest in banned episodes, cards, and error cards.

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