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Before too long, a couple more people began to show up. This first was a teen girl. Eli recognized her from around town, though he didn't know who she was. She gave a polite smile and waved. He silently nodded and gave a small wave back. She seemed nice enough, but looked too old to be Isabelle's classmate. She was probably a grade or two below him.

The next person to arrive was a guy who was not at all dressed appropriately for the weather. It must have been uncomfortably hot dressed in that attire. He didn't seem to acknowledge the others, only briefly glancing at them before leaning on a wall in the shade. A Zigzagoon followed behind him, then laid down on his trainer's feet.

Eli stared at the Zigzagoon as it was about to fall asleep. It was so adorable, he couldn't help it. He really wanted to go over and pet it, but that would be rude. His trainer didn't seem too friendly, so he probably wouldn't be okay with a stranger petting his Pokemon. At least Eli had his very own cute Pokemon to keep him company. He cradled the Azurill in his arms.

Hopefully the others would arrive soon so they could begin whatever mission they were to do. He wasn't any good at starting up a conversation. Perhaps someone else would.