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All right, I guess I'll just sign up for this to make it official.
I already started with this challenge a while ago with Bloody Platin (I felt like suffering.). I didn't find anything about hacks being not allowed in the rules, so I'm just going to assume that hacks are okay.

Username: Tora
Game: Bloody Platin

Optional Rules:
-Nickname everything.
-Box starter once the first Pokemon is caught.
-No legendaries.
-No duplicates.


All Lv. 39

Lotai the Ambipom,
caught on Route 201

Pia the Empoleon
caught at Lake Verity

Fato the Chatot
caught on Route 202

Kampako the Hariyama
caught on Route 207

Kiyo the Cherrim
Honey tree on Floaroma Meadow

Nale the Magcargo
caught on Route 205

Toto the Chimchar (Lv. 7) -> original starter
Golma the Goldeen (Lv. 10)
Wollow the Swablu (Lv. 9)
Donna the Pichu (Lv. 17)
Triami the Geodude (Lv. 10)
Pino the Paras (Lv. 21)
Mogli the Sudowoodo (Lv. 28)
Toni the Togepi (Lv. 1)
Lulu the Smoochum (Lv. 26)

Death List
Mavi the Diglett (Lv. 9 -> 11)
Lento the Slowpoke (Lv. 13 -> 18)

-owned Gardenia with Fato and Nale
-> got my second badge
-saved the bike shop owner from Team Galactic
-got my bike
-currently battling my way through Cycling Road