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Quote originally posted by Arcanine:
<3 @ Netto's avatar

To ones who knows all when it comes to SAO... the 67th Floor came up twice in episode 9. I'm wondering, is the 67th Floor boss covered in the LNs? If it is then was it some sort of flashback or did the anime just skip it all together?
Thanks this is why KiriAsu is one of those rare canon-OTP's <3

It's nice reading POSITIVE reviews about SAO rather than going through a bunch of haters and elitists lambasting it. It was starting to get to me. xP

As for floor 67, it's not covered in the LN sadly. Although the author is doing a complete reboot of SAO in SAO Progressive starting from floor 1. To incorporate and straighten out the inconsistencies. So we might see floor 67 touched upon that WAYYYYY later on. xD

Episode 11 PV:

MORNING DEW GIRL! And Floor 22 is hell of a lot more important in symbolism all the way to Vol 7. Hehehe. xD

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