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The route west of Viridian has various water types that you would expect to see on land. Lotad, Psyduck, and Marill as main examples. There's a one percent chance of Totodile (no idea why I did that, since I wanted starters to be only available in the safari zone), but you're better off surfing in the safari zone.

Also, if I recall correctly, all trainers who mention surfing on the desert routes should have some reference to "it's a shame I can't actually do that on sand" after battle. They MIGHT still say things like that in the battle scene right after you beat them, since I don't think I ever changed that. Good to see you're still willing to give the game a shot. Most of the "hard" things in the game are things that look difficult but are actually relatively simple. Key examples are Rock Tunnel, Saffron Gym, and Viridian Gym, though I've had legitimate complaints about people getting lost in Saffron Gym.
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