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i was first introduced to Ratchet and Clank back in 2002 when I saw the trailers for it on TV. Then when I got my PS2, Ratchet and Clank was my first video game. I've played the games up to Size Matters, I really enjoyed the first 3. Gladiator was still bearable, the game made you jump through some boring hoops and it was kind of short but the weapon system was great. Then Size Matters came along and it had stupid mini games, a very short story and pretty terrible weapons. Why don't you just give me a Sniper Rifle instead of a Sniper Mine? The only difference is that the mine slows down game play.

After Size Matters I just didn't feel like playing the new Ratchet and Clanks any more. On a brighter note, there were things I really liked about the series. The first is that there is no fail state, no matter what you did there was no game over and you could always get back. There was also no way you could ever mess something up and lock yourself out of half the game like FF7 for example. The currency was also a nice idea although it would be rather awkward in real life if you were to carry millions of bolts with you.

I also think that one of the reasons I enjoyed the games when I was a child is because of how simple the plot is. There's a bad guy going around messing up the place, now go blow him up with a rocket. Pretty basic stuff, there's no plot twists where someone was actually good the whole time. Even with Captain Qwark who has been an ally and an enemy in different games, it was pretty straight forward he's a selfish and greedy guy so it makes sense when he decides to turn against you or help you.

By the way, Captain Qwark's funeral was my favourite moment.

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