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I went back to Cerulean and headed for Rock Tunnel
Went through the cave (without Flash, so annoying)
Got to Lavander Town and beat Gary
Went over to Celadon and took on the gym
Erika got destroyed, Powder Snow + Confusion wrecked her Grass, Poisons
I then went to the casino for some gambli- I mean Team Rocket ass kicking!
Got the Silph Scope from Giovanni
Headed back to Lavander Town, freed Mr. Fuji and got the Poke Flute
Headed to Saffron City and got TM 29, Psychic!
Headed back to Celadon and defeated my first Snorlax
Saved the game and called it a day


Bewsa the Careful Jynx
Lv. 53 - Oblivious
Psychic, Water Pulse, Brick Break, Powder Snow
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Looking for people to battle, trade, or exchange safari's with.
Anyone can add me, I add everyone. Let me know if you add me so I can add you back.
Here's a link to my Trade Review Thread, be sure to post a comment if we trade.
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