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Grass: Ivysaur | Bulbasaur is too cute, and Venasaur is too ugly XD
Fire: Rapidash | Very elegant Pokemon
Water: Starmie | Awesome :)
Flying: Pidgeot | Always include it in my team when I play a game where Pidgey can be caught
Normal: Persian | Cause.
Fighting: Mankey | I like it.
Psychic: Hypno | Very very very cool pokemon.
Dragon: Dragonite | Always wanted to have it in Blue version...but you get Dratini soooo late in the game.
Ground: Sandile | GEN V, f yeah.
Ice: Articuno | FTW.
Bug: Dustox | MOTHRA!
Steel: Forretress | Love this design.
Rock: Onix | I'm such a sucker for Gen 1 pokemon
Electric: Ampharos | Always been a fav, inspired my original PC username
Poison: Roserade | Current pokemon in my Pearl run.
Dark: Umbreon | Best eeveeloution.
Ghost: Haunter | So awesome