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From the last time you post, which was on Sept 7th, where you attacked Ignitus with a dragon rush, a few things happened. The Swift, who was engaging Genevieve, backed off and returned to help fight Ignitus. Meanwhile Speculum and Gallant went to stop her instead. She revealed to them that there were other things they should be worried about, including that the sky Ancients, mostly Aerodactyl, had begun destroying the city.

Zane meanwhile, who was fighting Ignitus with the others, left to go to warn the remaining citizens still in Albia to evacuate the city completely. He asked the Generals for help, which they did, and began evacuating the city. However, during that time, Zane ran into Frost, and began fighting her.

Meanwhile against Ignitus, the group wasn't doing well. Defender got hit on the head and began going crazy again. While Calamity hatched a plan to stop Ignitus. He sent the others away to stop the Aerodactyls from destroying the city, while he told them he would hold off Ignitus. Using a TM he learned from a machine by a scientist named Demas in Eternity City, he unleashed an Explosion attack on Ignitus, causing a devastating and blinding explosion that resonated across the entire battlefield. This flash of the explosion gave Zane a chance to escape Frost (with help from Hoodhide), and Speculum a chance to go help the others stop the destruction of the city by the Aerodactyls.

So basically, Gallant is fighting the Siren, TrueStriker is still fighting Sovereign, Zane and Hoodhide are escaping Frost while trying to stop the Aerodactyls, and so are the rest of the Gold Tribe.

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