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Quote originally posted by PlatinumDude:
What really disappointed me here was the fact that Pikachu could be the only starter Pokemon playable, with the Unova starters and Axew as partners.
Just like I said above, it would be just unfair, and what I assumed when I first read it was that you get to choose or take a quiz for one of those five, exact words from Serebii are: "Possible Pokémon are Pikachu, Oshawott, Axew, Snivy & Tepig."

Quote originally posted by PlatinumDude:
If I had a choice between all 4 available partners, I'd choose Oshawott or Axew, the former for having a varied level up movepool and the latter for the early Dragon Rage.
I agree with you. I personally love Axew because he's cute and Haxorus looks awesome. Oshawott definitely comes second for me.
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