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Chris Mare

"... So. Oddish thingy. What's your name?"


"Well that's lame."


That conversation was mildly amusing to say the least. It was pretty much Chris jabbering randomly and her Oddish agreeing like a very happy fangirl. Except for that last part. Instead she puffed out her cheeks and pouted. It was not her fault humans had come up with that name. She would rather be called something cool, like Blossom or something, like that one TV show character. But she looked like a bulb... Whatever. Humans had no naming sense.

She hoped this one didn't name her something stupid.

In fact Chris was thinking about that right now. "Gosh... I don't have any super cool club names that would work." In truth, when Chris wasn't filling her cranium with Berries, flowers, and Pokemon, which was mostly what it was filled with, she thought of super cool names. Though her idea of super cool was rather limited. So she grumbled and huffed, breathing puffs of irritable air as she thought. This of course, made her look rather ridiculous. Passerby shot her strange looks as her Oddish bounced after her obliviously. Finally Chris stopped walking and settled on the outskirts of a farm, sitting down on the grass. "Hmm... that feels good," she told her partner, who was now OFFICIALLY confused.

Yes, Chris had forgotten she was supposed to be doing something, naming her little ball of plant. But luckily she remembered and grinned. "Come on ya gotta answer," she wheedled. "Come on Sandra."

Oddish, finally getting the name, and a relatively human one at that, simply nodded, practically bouncing itself over. Chris yanked at it playfully and grinned, pausing at the sight of something particularly bright neon...

Then it vanished behind the fence and Chris blinked. Weird...

"Hey kid!" shouted a voice from the farm. "Mind giving me a hand?" Chris stared like a fool before grinning. Why not? She proceeded to jump the fence.

"YEAH~" Of course the process included dumping poor Sandra on her leaves. Luckily she knew how to roll after her... exuberant trainer. She did do so, not noticing the squinted eyes staring at her and the departing human.

(Quick post, note, will not be catching a Pokemon right away )
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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