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Originally Posted by kokotko View Post
I don't think that Ash got lamer in the later gens. I'm falling behind a lot(watching Advanced Battle) and still notice that Ash gets most of his badges based on some kind of magic handicap imposed on his opponents. When I watched him get his fifth badge I almost swore never to watch that serie again. The way he beat the leader's ultra experienced Swellow by his freshly evolved, after getting punched down like hell, he 1HKOd the foe with aerial ace...
Now say what do you think about it,
Yeah, I know. And it's even more insulting when you remember that one of the previous main characters (Misty) was forced off the show to become a Gym Leader, and via a very poorly-thought out reason to boot. Having Gym Leaders lose to pokemon in a manner that is far too similar to JJM's losses (eg, losing to pokemon that they not only are fully capable of beating, but literally anyone can beat, remember how JJM lost really pathetically to Ash's caterpie despite their pokemon being vastly stronger and more experienced than it, but also it being severly weakened from an earlier fight with a Pidgeotto, the same one that they beat?) really cheapens their purpose. It's almost as though they're deliberately trashing on her character by doing that. I won't forgive the writers for that.
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