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Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
I can do that. For Gyro Ball I'm assuming?

Wait, that's right, you want a Trick Room team.
I was originally gonna request something for my Trick Room team but I decided I might as well take it as a challenge and learn how to breed IV's for myself. Gonna need to learn sometime :/

But if you could take my Smeargle Request that would be awesome <3

Pokemon: Smeargle
Nickname: Snap or Sketchit
Gender: Doesn't matter
Nature: Bold
Ability: Own Tempo
In Egg: No
Best Stat(s): 31 HP, 31 Speed. 20+ Def, 20+ Sp. Def.

I thought of another nickname I'd like for the Smeargle, pick which ever you like, I'll still be happy.

My friend code is different now, since I switched to my new 3DS, updated friend code is in my signature.

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