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Quote originally posted by Requility:
Oh, same camera? Yeah no, not upgrading from my 4S. Only reason I'd want to upgrade is for the camera lmao. I'll just wait for iPhone 5S with a best camera in existence. n___n Plus I can manage in low light IT'S CALLED A TORCH.

It's not the same camera, it's only the same number of megapixels (which aren't everything).

Anyway, I'll probably be getting this. I've been long overdue for a smartphone, and my 4th gen iPod Touch is getting a bit long in the tooth. Might as well kill two birds with one stone here.

Shame Windows Phone 7 hasn't panned out for Microsoft.... I loved my Zune HD and was hoping that WP7 would be a success, but while the OS is good, the hardware it's available on and its lack of apps doesn't appeal to me in the least.

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