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I So Agree On The Fact That We Should Get Ourselves Out Of The Cliche Story Of,

'Hey, I'm a 10 year-old, getting my new pokemon, going on a never-ending journey to defeat all gyms within the region, thwart an evil organization along the way while I'm at it, and defeat the Pokemon League Champion, all the while keeping ahead of my local rival. '

I would really like to just have more friends in the game, really

Cause I Find that our main character is always lonely with his 6 in-hand pokemon, going on the journey alone. Not that I want the Hero's mom to tag along or anything like that XD , but What I'm saying is, more of friends who happens to be able to help us. Say, a friend who is a pokemon ranger. They can help in battles and probably, you wouldn't need to battle all the time.

#1 Hopeless Boss Fights
I wonder if anyone has ever tried putting in one of those 'Must lose' battles.
Whereby, you must lose, and they normally let it happen at the start of the story, like getting pummeled right away and losing. That one would be a shocker for sure, and would add to the angst much needed in our O-so too happy, pokemon world. Normally that happens at the beginning of the game, cause you're a low level and all that, and they put a level 100 right in front of you, with Awesome stats, just to get you to surrender the first try.....

We're always winning everyone we meet in the game,

(except unless you get beaten in a battle by a stronger trainer, but technically that all depends on whether if you're lazy or not to train your pokemon, and even if you do lose after training them, you can always save back and the battle loss would have been long forgotten.....)

That we seem to forget the whole thrill of actually losing and actually have the world be put into dire danger for once, cause we as the heroes are always saving the day. So it's nice to lose for a change, but not meaninglessly of course, make it touching and I'll probably fall for your game XD

#2 Different Goals Or Main Plot
Yeah, we're all clear on the fact that everyone is alright with being a 10-year-old who saves the day, EVERYDAY. But I'm sure no one would complain if someone changed destiny, and decided that we should be doing something else instead of being the strongest pokemon trainer in the world. Most people should be thrilled to try the game. More rivals would heat things up too in my opinion, Lol~ Cause One ain't enough ahaha~ Maybe you can be the villain instead XD
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