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Originally Posted by Fluttersai View Post
Could a Hacked Pokemon that was traded to me be an issue? I got a shiny Metagross from a friend he claimed it was legit but I doubt it. I would have no issue with this box thing If I could still Trade. But trading auto opens Box 1 could I poke sav over every poke in the box maybe?
I would hate to ruin my game Further.
I haven't had any experiences with hacked Pokémon, so I can't say...but if you have a hacked Pokémon in the box that's causing trouble, then yeah, you might be screwed. I hope you have a second system to transfer any unrecoverable Pokémon to from your other boxes in case you need to restart your game.

My Box 1-7 is mainly used only for Unova (this will however reduce once I'm through the second E4 and I'm concentrating exclusively on one generation at a time in my completion mission). Add three boxes for each generation (later to be designated by index numbers perhaps once all is complete), a box for various babies, a box for baby Zoruas exclusively, two legendary boxes, and my Trades box...and I've used all 24. I need more room. Darnit. My Trades box is Box 24, but just in case I ever have that kind of hacked Pokémon problem, I might have to relocate that box someday. We'll see.

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