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-Chapter 3-
The Mission, It Is Beginning

After a bit of awkward waiting in the rain and wondering if we'd been duped, we got on the plane with Skyla. There were only a few seats, and surprisingly, there was someone in one- a worker type, wearing overalls. I assumed he was some sort of mechanic. Because of his presence, Looker and I had to sit next to each other.

Sinnoh is quite far away, but it apparently takes only an hour to get to Jubilife in Skyla's super-fast plane. However, anything seems long when you're trapped in close quarters with the Most Annoying Secret Agent In The Universe. Looker kept humming some ridiculous song, and was constantly asking me inane things like “The weather is pretty, no?” I was wondering if this whole trip was going to kill my nerves before we even actually got to...wherever we were going after the HQ.

Before I knew it, however, the plane was touching down. Around me was a landscape unfamiliar. Snow-capped mountains stood barely visible on the horizon. The sky was blanketed with overcast, gray clouds, and it was drizzling. When we stepped off, I could feel the difference in temperature- northerly Sinnoh was much colder in all seasons than Unova. I put on my jacket.

In the distance I could see a city skyline- with buildings similar to those in Unova's central hub, Castelia, but on a much smaller scale. I didn't have time to sightsee, however, because Looker grabbed my arm and said “We need go!”, dragging me across the tarmac toward the terminal thing.

After some security stuff, and a bit of stumbling around, we made it outside to the entrance to Jubilife City, as Looker said it was called. Without waiting for me to catch my breath, he whipped out some sort of walkie-talkie device, and turned away from me so I couldn't hear what he was saying. Curious, I walked closer to him. At that moment, he whipped around, and offered me his hand.
It would be a smart idea to hold on,” he said, and dragged me behind a tree.

What the heck was going on? I got that this was some sort of secret agent business, but...what if it wasn't? What if Looker was actually some sort of kidnapper? I was about to get up and run away, but then I heard something indistinguishable come out of Looker's walkie-talkie. “I copy” he said.

Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light, and I had a strange sensation of moving while still staying in one place. I realized that the IPHQ had used some sort of teleportation device. As I traveled to who knows where, pulsating colors flashed in front of my eyes. I tried in vain to figure out if Looker was still there, but I couldn't see anything but flash, flash, flash. A few disconcerting seconds later, I found that my feet were back on the ground. I felt like crap. I wobbled a bit, and fell down on my face.

Looker rushed over to me. “Maria! You are alright, no? Do you need help?” He shook me as if he thought I was dead.

Geez, no! I'm fine!” I struggled to my feet and took in my surroundings.

We were standing outside a huge building, taller than some of Castelia's. I couldn't see any other buildings in any direction. It was almost like this skyscraper had displaced itself from some faraway city, because it certainly didn't belong here, in the middle of the desert. There was a sort of small park around the building, with a few uncomfortable-looking benches and a lonely tree or two scattered about. In the park's center was a statue of a man that I didn't recognize. The park's perimeter was surrounded by a gigantic metal fence. The skyscraper itself had numerous small platforms and balconies projecting off of it, enclosed in screens, walls, and what I thought might have been some sort of forcefield. It was probably the most bizarre building I had ever seen.

Stop gawking! We are hurry!” Looker shouted. I wondered again if all International Police agents were this eccentric.

I hurried after him as he ran towards the door, his brown overcoat billowing out behind him. Why would he wear something like that in the middle of a desert? I thought, then realized that I wasn't feeling hot, either. It was pleasantly cool, like a day in May. The International Police people must have some sort of climate device. I followed him to the entrance- or what I thought was the entrance. It was a gate cast in bright metal, but it was set into a brick wall.

Looker stared at a seemingly random spot on the wall. Suddenly, the bricks disappeared, revealing a smooth metal automatic door, which slid open with a hiss. We walked inside.

The lobby was plain and unadorned, with blue and gray walls. A nondescript woman sat at a nondescript desk in a nondescript corner of the room. A coffee table and couch were arranged to face a large television screen on the wall, which was off. There appeared to be a shocking lack of security for a spy agency's headquarters.

Looker motioned me over to the desk. He leaned over and said, “We are here for the fishing party”


Suddenly the floor fell out from under our feet.
Now it was my turn to freak out. I screamed. I was now convinced that Looker was a crazed kidnapper, and I flailed and tried to get away before I realized we were on an elevator.

Looker, what the heck is going on? Did we just fall through the floor?”

SHHHH!!” he hissed at me. “This is secrets! I have no clearance to tell you!”

I sighed and stepped off the elevator into a hallway. It was definitely more “spy agency” than the lobby- unmarked doors and no signs, and a security camera hastily concealed in a fake electrical outlet, protruding from the wall as if someone had tripped over it recently.

I had no idea where we were going, so I just followed Looker down the hall, and into...another elevator. This one was small and cramped, and it shot upward at high speed, like a roller coaster gone berserk. I felt like I might hurl. Looker, however, was completely unfazed. I just tried to keep it together.

When we finally stumbled off the elevator (well, I was stumbling...) we emerged into another hallway. There was a small window, and I peered out, and felt like I might hurl again- We must have been at the top of the building. The statue in the garden below was a dot like an ant, the fence a small square, what felt like a mile down. I looked away quickly before I made myself sick.

Are we there yet? We've been traveling for way too long,” I complained. This thing was starting to wear out my patience.


Secret! I know! But can I at least know what's going on now?”

You will know all of that in good time,” said a voice behind me. I jumped and whirled around. There stood a man in a dark suit, not fake-Sherlock like Looker's but black, with a white tie. He was tall and imposing, with blond hair and an expression that said, “You think this is hard for me? You're wrong,” like he was bored of talking to us and would much rather be casually walking away from an explosion or whatever secret agents do in their free time. Intimidating.

Are you the, um, boss? I mean, jeez, what am I saying? It's not like this is a Team or something. Like, the CEO or whatever,” I stuttered, confused.

Hmm, the Um Boss. Well, if UM stood for Undercover Missions, you would be half right. I am the CEO, leader, boss, “whatever” of the International Police, so yes, you would be right in addressing me as such. You can refer to me as Adrien.”

He then turned to Looker. “Let's go into my office, shall we?” He then walked around the corner and disappeared.

Looker was staring guiltily at me.

...What?” I said.

I'm sorry Maria! But I must to do this!” he said.
Uh oh...

Suddenly everything turned the wrong color, and I 'whited out.'


I was standing in a perfectly normal office with no memory of getting there. WHAT THE HECK. The walls were sailor blue, and there was a desk in the back of the small room. Someone was sitting in the desk. Adrien. And a certain someone else was standing to his right. A certain someone who wore a long brown overcoat and wind swept hair.

GOD! WHAT DID YOU DO?! CAN'T YOU JUST TRUST ME TO WALK DOWN THE FREAKING HALL, HUH, LOOKER?! WHAT DID YOU DO, CARRY ME HERE?!” I was in his face, shouting. I still don't know where it's from, but apparently it's somewhere where it is okay to knock someone out, then carry them to an unknown location and then wake them up with no explanation.

MARIA! NO! STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Gyah, you are angry!” shouted Looker, along with some gibberish in another language that I didn't understand, but thought might be obscenities.

Calm down, Maria Hildegarde Black.” said Adrien.

I froze. “You...know my name?”

Well, obviously, he's the boss of a major undercover agency, what do you think? That he'll just ignore everyone his agents team up with, letting them go spread secrets?” said someone behind me. I whirled around.

There stood a girl who looked about a year older than me. She was dressed in an outfit fitting any teen, with shiny black combat boots, a gray jacket, jeans, and a shirt the same color as the room's walls. Her hair was raven black, with this green streak in it. Even thought she would have fit in in any big city, she still had an aura of...experience, like she'd seen all this before, and she was disappointed that this was the best the world could send at her. She stared at me with a smirk on her face.

You can't just keep expecting that the world's gonna revolve around you. This is the real world, and things don't work that way. I can't believe you don't have a single idea what's going on. What a sorry excuse for a Champion.” she insulted, walking around me to stand by Adrien.

Oh, and by the way, call me Midnight. It's a pleasure to meet you.”

As I stood gaping at her, Adrien started to talk again.

I admit, Maria, this has been a huge misunderstanding. You see, your services are technically not needed-”

Okay, I'll be going then, if you don't need me.” I spat, wanting to get away from the situation. Inside, however, my mind was an enormous ball of rage. I had been shot out of a cannon and down a slide, flown to a different country, teleported to some strange office building in the middle of the desert, and knocked out with some sort of sedative to arrive in this stupid office, and now they say my “services are not needed”? What gave them the right to-

My musings were interrupted by the loud BANG! of a hatch swinging shut over the door.

What do you think you're doing, Maria?” said Adrien.


I'm afraid I can't let you leave just yet. If you would simply listen, you would receive a perfectly good explanation for all of this. Kindly sit down in the chair and I'll give it to you.”

Meekly, I sat down.

So, as I was saying before I was interrupted,” -Midnight glared at me at this point- “your services turned out to be unnecessary because Agent Looker already has an assigned partner. Don't you, Looker?”

Looker nodded sheepishly. “Ah...yes...Maria, I did...Neglect? Yes, neglect, to tell you of this, but...”

Midnight interrupted. “I'm his assigned mission partner. He went to get you because usually, he's on solo missions, but he got assigned this, and wanted someone else, so he ditched me, used the teleporter without permission, and went to fetch you. End of story.”

And if you would let me finish, Agent Midnight, our guest would understand the real story,” continued Adrien nonchalantly.

So is anything she said true?” I asked, hoping for a no.

Well...yes. Everything. However, my executives and I have come to the decision that you will be allowed to accompany Agent Looker on his mission.”

Why?” Tempting fate, I know.

To put it in the words of countless 'lame' old film spies, 'you know too much'. You have entered our base, witnessed a surprising amount of our technology, and even heard the password to get past the security Anpeci in the lobby. You simply cannot be turned away. So we decided to permit you to join Agent Looker, with a few conditions.”

That woman was an Anny?What are the-”

Firstly, you will take mission orders from HQ just as Looker does. You will not go to locations you are not authorized to visit.”

Doesn't sound too hard. At least I'm not Bel. Bel couldn't stand not being able to go shopping for longer than a week.

Secondly, Agent Midnight will accompany you on this mission.”

I couldn't stop myself from blurting “WHAT?!”

She has much more experience than either you or Agent Looker, so she will serve as your guide and mission leader.”

If smirks could kill, Midnight's would have made me a dead woman.

Finally...well, this is more of a...favor, than anything, but...I have a son. His name is Nikola, and he is ten years old, which as you know is the age that many young children leave home to battle each other with dangerous monsters out in the great big world all alone. As he has grown up in the HQ, he simply cannot be left to roam the region by himself. I haven't told him this, it'd shatter his dreams, but I am unsure he will ever be able to compete in the Gym circuit because of this. So, my request is that he accompany you, and get a taste of life out in the world, possibly beating a few gyms, and then that he be returned here once the mission becomes dangerous.”

At the risk of sounding fake, I said, “I'd be glad to, Mr Adrien! Thank you for your opportunity to stay!”

Really, I was thinking, I'm going to travel to an unknown region with the Most Annoying Secret Agent In The Universe, I have to babysit the boss's son, and my leader is the one person I really could consider a rival. What could possibly make this situation worse?

The door opened, and in walked a kid. He was up to my shoulder, with sandy blond hair like his father's and that classic 10-year old smirk on his face. He wore a T-shirt with a lightning bolt on it, painted sloppily with the words, “Future Electric-Type Gym Leader”. He took one look at me and said, “Seriously? This is her? Well, whatever. I'm Nik. Nice to meet you...” and then coughed something that sounded like “Not.”

Yup, it just got worse.

*An "Anny" is a slang term for someone suffering from Anpeci's disease who is hired to perform a boring job because of their ability to not get bored with it.

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