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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
I remember watching this episode back before Pokemon: Black & White premiered in Australia and I literally cried.

Sinnoh was a pretty good saga and my fave scene was probably when Piplup didn't want to say goodbye to Pikachu.

I mean, this was a tearjerker episode done right.
Oh man, I'm glad it's not just me xD The scene with Pikachu and Piplup was just... omg. I cried too :( It was such a sad episode but it was a perfect ending, plus Buneary's new job sounds wonderful haha. I also loved how Team Rocket were shown in this episode becoming much more official suggesting that they'd be a much bigger part in the next series and actually act seriously for a change. (Though it's debatable that this actually happened... :p) But yeah, I thought this episode was the perfect ending to the saga and it was incredibly emotional :3
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