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Quote originally posted by Ninjagon:
As much as i'm a competitive battler, I miss the old days when we did pretty much what you explained.

Welcome Zac! Thanks for joining!

Quote originally posted by ♪Twiggy♪:
There ya go.

Yeah I thought so.

Quote originally posted by roosterman:
i did EV train my pokemon but i can't avoid that since they get EVs every time they battle. can i still battle with them?

When we say EV training, we mean when you have specifically exploited the EV system to make your Pokémon the best it can be in a certain area using guides on the Internet and checking stats all the time. Of course 'normal' training (in this context) always raises EVs, but we don't really pay much attention to it.

Essentially - if you've raised your Pokémon specifically by EV training using tutorials from Smogon etc, then you can't use it. If you've raised your Pokémon regularly without checking the stats all the time and leveling up normally, then you can use it.

Hopefully that made sense. '

Quote originally posted by GolurkIsDaBomb:
BW2 Rivals? Omg, I want this to happen so badly. Perhaps a battle after every 2 or 3 gyms or something? Ahhh it just sounds so fun!

That's a great idea! Though we have to bear in mind that BW2 is released on different days in different territories (here it's out on 12th October, my birthday :3)... so I don't know if that will have any bearing on it. I'm still looking forward to it though! :D


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