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Quote originally posted by Rodriguezjames55:
Only two thats hard to do 5 maybe two is 2 short for quqlity work
It's the opening only though. 5 would be too many, and try not to make a sort of spammy message.

Quote originally posted by Curtis talli:
I'm sorry I disappeared from the club:Darn addicting Moshi monsters

anyway has a question: Do you need prefect Grammar for this writing contest ?
You don't need perfect Grammar, although the more striking and good your story is, the better it is (Plus, it doesn't matter how your Grammar is as long as we understand it).

Also, on to the Current Topic.

What Generation do you think have best Fire-Type Pokemon?

The answer for me and always will be Generation II. It just had Typhlosion, Ho-Oh... All the awesome things. Generation I comes in at a close second with Charizard and Arcanine, Generation IV gets third place with Infernape, Generation III gets fourth place with Blaziken, and lastly, Generation V gets fifth place with Reshiram.
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