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Okay. I actually do a lot of Pokemon Creepypasta reading, and so maybe my mind is just trying to make something really pretty normal into a scary experience, but I'll let you guys be the judge. Here are two creepy Pokemon experiences of mine:

1. Lavender Town

So, I've read quite a few Pastas about Lavender Town, and I finally decided to listen to the song. Finding a legitimate-looking video on Youtube, I turned the volume of the computer to a reasonable level, and began to listen.
Almost immediately after the video started, I started to feel a bit worried and anxious. The feeling only increased as the video went on, and, by 1:30, it had developed into a splitting headache and my ears and sinuses hurt something terrible.
Not being able to take it anymore, I shut the window. The headache, along with the pain in my ears and sinuses, went away in less than a minute.

2. Smokescreen

(This one is really and truly creepy, at least in my opinion.)

I was playing Pokemon Soulsilver, and I had just beaten the Elite Four. I had my favorite Pokemon, my beloved female Ninetales named Vixen, at the head of my team.
I was wandering around Victory Road, looking for some reasonably strong Pokemon that I could beat, as I wanted to level up my Ninetales some more.
All at once, I was attacked by a Pokemon. I can't remember what it was, because this was quite some time ago, but I remember it was just as strong as I had hoped it would be.
Entering battle, I selected my move. As I always start with a move that will put the foe at a disadvantage, I selected Smokescreen, aiming to lower my assailant's accuracy.
But just as the smoke attack landed itself on my foe, the game froze. But that wasn't what surprised me, because it is an old DS, and, although I didn't have any cheats activated at the time, I did have my brother's Action Replay in, and it is prone to making the game freeze up.
But no.
What was terrifying was that at the exact moment my game froze, every single smoke detector in the entire house simultaneously went off. I nearly fainted with shock, I'm not exaggerating.
Later, when we had shut all the blaring devices off, we had a man come in to examine them. He could find nothing wrong with them. They weren't late for a checkup, the batteries were fine, all the wiring was undamaged, and there had been no smoke in the house during the anomaly.
None of us could figure out what happened.
I never told anyone about my game.