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Jimmy Hill & Xavier Coolidge

Almost instantly, the zombie collapsed, hitting the ground face first. For the moment, it was asleep, giving the boys a short opportunity to inspect the body. Jimmy and Xavier both told their pokemon to watch their backs. As they approached, several things came into distinguishable view. The man's left arm had some sort of unusual formation of burn marks, just the plain sight of it disturbed Jimmy, but it freaked out Xavier. Leaning in, Jimmy turned to Xavier.

"Hey what do you make of this?" His head gestured at the burns.

"I- I'm not sure.." Xavier leaned it next to him, closely studying the marks.

"Yea.. It kind of looks like something from a cult though... They're like embedded into his skin." Just the prospect of some secret organization or something made Jimmy shudder. Lethia was just oh so full of surprises wasn't it? His eyes furrowed, focused on the burns.

Xavier spoke, breaking the concentration, "Hey what about those... I think they look like.. bite marks?" His voice held a hint of anxiety, and it didn't help that Xavier's eye dotted around the forest at the slightest hint of movement.

Jimmy's eyed widened at the mention of bite marks. This was just turning out fantastic, wasn't it? After a short discussion, both boys agreed that the teeth prints looked far from human, they had to be a pokemon, but the question was, which? Everything else seemed relatively standard, pokeballs, a bag, seems like he used to be your average trainer, before all this happened. Other than the encounter and body marks, this guy held no leads whatsoever.

As the duo stood up, the eerie whistle from before played once more. "Where the hell is that coming from!?" Xavier turned to Jimmy, both of their faces expressed equal fear. In their worried state, they hadn't even noticed the zombie, now awakened by the whistle like it was underneath a trance or something. The zombie moaned out as he slowly approached Jimmy and Xavier.

Both of them turned their heads at the source of the moan. The sight startled them, causing them both to back up. Coincidentally and unfortunately, two roots had grown from the ground behind them. Jimmy stumbled first, followed by Xavier, the two of them landing on their assess. The sudden thud of their falls made both of their pokemon come to attention. The zombie trainer was only a few feet away at this point, it was a panic reaction.

"Clayton, Hyper Beam!"

"Annie, Hyper Beam!
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