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To answer the thread title, yes, of course they are. It is true that the shiny charm does make it easier to get a shiny Pokemon. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Not at all. At the end of the day, a lot of legit plays will play for ages and not get a single shiny Pokemon, whereas some players who choose not to play 'according to the rules' can just use a cheat device and get loads of shiny Pokemon. I personally have encountered three shiny Pokemon throughtout playing Pokemon in general; a shiny Steelix in Diamond, a shiny Meowth in Heart Gold and a shiny Shuppet in Emerald. I know others haven't found any, so I am quite fortunate I guess. I'm not bitter that I had to get my shinies the 'legit' way since at the end of the day, it's a random chance. I think the shiny charm is a good reward for completing the Dex, gets people to carry on searching for Pokemon after completing the 'Dex and I just think it's about time that players are actually rewarded for it with a worthwhile item, instead of a Diploma that doesn't really do much if I'm honest.