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Being that comedy is all about offending people, yes.

Then again, maybe not when it's like, you know, racist. or blatantly and predictably rude (i.e. no "HAHA RETARDS GAY-ASS ***" or "Ching ching chong chong i'm a fob" comments) because 1) too mean and 2) too predictable and boring. I like to attack their small parts that they don't mind as much, so they'll be caught off guard and then we'll laugh together and get closer because of it. If I get to know them well enough, I can make fun of some parts of them certain other people wouldn't like, because I know what they care and don't care about as much.

All part of a balanced comedy routine! (And SS/SR if this is a bit too much on the racist side just delete this and tell me and I'll rewrite this.)
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