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Quote originally posted by FierceDeity1:
Hi, I was just wondering if I could post some photos of some of my old cards instead of listing to see if anyone notices anything of worth. I would be taking photos of folder pages though so about 16 cards a page...?
You sure can! If you could edit it so that it could be 4 cards per post, it'd be awesome! Though just post them page by page if you want.

Oh, and we don't price common (ones with a mark) or uncommon () cards so, please weed those cards out if you have the time! That would be extremely appreciated.

Quote originally posted by SunshineZMBI:
I have over 40 rare cards from the first edition to the holographic, Who do i get ahold of to sell these?!?!?
You can try eBay (or any selling websites), but any real-life sales are somewhat limited nowadays (ie not many TCG shops take them anymore). And oh! Be sure to check if they're fake! The cards you described sound like they are, though I want you to make sure first. Check out our fake card identification tutorial if you're having a hard time checking.
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