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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
What confuses me even more than the things Went brought up (which are admittedly quite odd) is why Romney/Ryan can't seem to figure out what they are for and against. Romney said in an interview that he's okay keeping the provision of the health care law regarding preexisting conditions, but then a day later his campaign put out a statement that said they wouldn't. Then Ryan said he thought states should decide of they want to legalize marijuana and a day later the campaign said that also wasn't the case.
Well, there are two things at play. There's the party's platform and then there's the candidate's own platform. They don't have to agree 100% and, I would guess, usually don't. It wasn't long ago where we had Republicans primaries going on, right? Different candidates from the same party who did not agree with each other.

So, that isn't necessarily too strange to me. That on certain days they seem to be themselves and on other days echo official party positions is probably just what the campaign tells them to do.
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