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Fonse Loneheart
Chapter One - A Journey... How Amusing - Part II

Zigzagoon was sneezing, and Fonse had considered taking his scarf off for once, but that was an absolute no-no. Seeing Zigzagoon lying in the floor was quite the cute sight, he couldn't deny it, he even smiled for a second while seeing it, but he quickly snapped out of it, he couldn't afford having the other thinking he was weak...

“Eeeeyy people, what’s up?!”

Fonse turned his sight towards the person who said the previous words. It was a rather jolly person, apparently eager to meet them. Fonse did knew that he would be socializing with the people that would gather around, but he just was too bored to do so... He's still willing to give it a shot, though...

"Not much at all..." He replied with what seemed to be a failed attempt to smile.

Suddenly Goony Goo stood up, moving his head all around, as if trying to find something, he started smelling the floor, walking all around desperately following the smell of something... Following him with his sight let Fonse with a chance to see the others with more detail...

First one he saw was a girl with black hair and green eyes, followed by the person who had spoken before, who had red hair, a seemingly ginger girl, and finally, what seemed to be a Lt. Surge clone, Goony Goo stared at this last one person for a while, only to get back in his hunting. Eventually, the Zigzagoon found what he was looking, or rather, sniffing for, a small chunk of an Oran berry. Disappointed, the raccoon went back to where Fonse was and laid back over his feet, quickly falling asleep.

As Fonse stared at the raccoon, he couldn't help ut wonder who would show up after them, it was apparently a girl named Deandra, but Fonse has never heard of her before, just as he hadn't ever heard of those who where with him...