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Quote originally posted by joeydungee:
Hey, I started using your amazing ROM a few days ago. I want to start off by saying that I love it. Unfortunately, I have come to a glitch I cannot get past. I'm in between Brightbulb City and the Western Lake. Inside of the building that connects the two, where the old lady that rants about her lost youth is, I cannot continue. Everytime I try to enter through the door, the game freezes up. I am playing with beta 3 on, if any of that helps. I could really use the help though, I love playing this but I can't continue!
Is it the same one attached to the post starting this thread? That is beta 3.1. Exit the building, save there, then quit and switch the build version (make sure the name is identical, whether you modify the saves and states or just keep the same .gba file name). Load and re-enter the building and try again. If it still happens, it's a problem with the current version. If the building inside itself looks different, you might be stuck restarting, but I hope not!

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