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Nice to see you on board, the_end. Your contributions are much appreciated.

Anyways, to respond to your questions, I originally wanted to do each attack in alphabetical order. However, Pkmn.master found it helpful to categorize all the sound effects by elemental type, so he could release them in manageable packages. I'd follow his lead, and release the attack rips in elemental packs, to easily cohere with his work. However, it doesn't really matter how you choose release them; do whatever's easiest for you to manage. If you wish to release your attack rips individually, you can do so in the "download(s)" column, next to each attack.

Anyways, if you wish to learn how to make attack animations, read this article on Essentials Wiki. You need to reformat the ripped attacks into "animation sheets", and open them up in one of the animation editors. The entire process is kinds tricky and requires a lot of practice. I kinda suck at it, so your not alone. If you want to only focus on ripping attacks, I can do the conversions for you. Interestingly, I don't know how to rip, but I can convert attack rips into animation sheets. I'd love to be able to get B/W attack rips for every grass type move, now that we have the B/W attack sound effects for them. That way, I can format them, and the rest of us can begin animating them.

Zingzags: We have a status bar next to each of our attacks, which changes colour depending on whether or not the attack is finished, in progress, etc. Resources can also be added under the "downloads" column, or the "Resources" section.

Remember, all contributions, no matter how small, are appreciated. And BTW we should probably add a credits section, giving everyone credit for what they have contributed.
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