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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
It's Nintendo, therefore I am already sold on it.
That's how I felt with the 3DS tbh xD
Haha. I will probably buy one with Christmas money late in the year/early next year or wait until something interesting is announced. Pikmin 3 seems nice. Never got to play Pikmin or Pikmin 2, but hey, 3's a great place to start, right? lol Only problem I'll have is finding a place for it to go. I already can't fit my PS2 and GameCube in my room without looking stupid...and my NES barely got in. Hum.
I'm considering on saving up a ton of money and buying it on Boxing Day myself. But I'll probably go super-early in the morning, like 6AM. The year I got my Wii, there were like 10 in the store at that time. I was lucky to get one. Especially one with the preferred disc drive for jailbreaking lol.

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