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I need to make a team that consists of no higher then level 50, and no legendaries with rotom and phione as exceptions. This is a generation 4 competition.I'm a bit stumped since my old team was mostly level 100's and 5 of them were legendary.

So i'm starting to form this team based around electric and water types. So far i have

For sure:
Raichu: Knows surf, volt tackle, tail whip () and thunderwave. The surf will devestate unsuspecting ground types

Ludicolo: for rain dish effect
Clefable: for the move "follow me" to defend shedinja
Shedinja: I could either have clefable use follow me or save until i suspect my opponent has no more moves that effect it
Jolteon:decent electric type that can learn rain dance to help out ludicolo
Magnetric:lightning rod ability
Slowking:meh, i think it's good, right?

What do you think? Be honest. I'm really not good at making non legendary partys, and id rather be criticized then end up losing my competition

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