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Design the Bird Pokemon you would like too see in the next Generation

Name : Gift Federn ( German for Poison Feathers, credit to Google Translator.)
Type : Poison/Flying
Moves : Sludge Bomb,Sky Attack,Take Down,Brave Bird
Evolution : A smaller toxic bird called Fuwi, which evolves at Level 41 to Gift Federn.
Ability : Toxic Fumes, lowers the opponents Sp. Attk and Attack every two turns.

Description : It is a sly,overpowered,cunning bird with short,dark, purple wings. When it's small beak opens, a revolting, unidentified chemical rises into the air, which is believed to be poisonous. It lurks around muddy swamps and adores scooping up all sorts of small Pokemon. They attack by releasing fumes from its feathers.They're vicious but rather reckless.

Stats : Gift Federn is a vicious attacker, but lacks defense. It's rather speedy and can be deadly if it strikes first. Its attack is equal to the mighty Dragonite yet defense compares to around Staravia's.

Base Stats :
Attack : 135
Defense : 60
Sp. Attk : 135
Sp. Def : 55
Speed : 105

It's Pokedex Entry might go something like this :
Gift Federn No.702 ( Toxic Bird Pokemon )

It's a vicious and merciless Pokemon, that attacks young Pokemon. It dwells around muddy swamps and is apparently a man-made beast after mess ups with an experiment. Since then, they have bred to form millions, swarming the world.Scientists are attempting to hunt them down, in case their rampage destroys the planet.

When you catch it in the wild 5% of the time it will be holding a Small Tail. This item powers up only Gift Federn's super effective attacks.

Gift Federn can be taken down easily by a good Electric,Psychic or Ice Move. Rock type works as well.
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