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As the new games are already released in Japan and eager fans rush to grab their copy, along with B/W2 soon arriving in Australia, what do you think so far from screenshots and Japanese playthroughs?

I kind of thought the player designs were a tad strange. That kid's hair and costume... but hey that's just me!

And one thing I never really got was why Cheren was the 1st Gym Leader. Yes he said clearly, he wanted to be a champion and he was close. His poweful Level 65 Pokemon might of not been a match for Black but I'd of thought he had at least been 7th or 8th Gym Leader or an E4 member.

Enough negative stuff, the good things. I love the introduction of all these Pokemon from different regions. You could pretty much create a great dream team!

What do you think of B/W2, so far? Share your thoughts :D.
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