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Originally Posted by υ Shivam View Post
On current topic :
in my opinion 1st generation is the most powerful cuz it have too many Cool fire types (charizard, arcanine, ninetails, repidash, flareon, magmar, moltres).
So my opinion about which Generation have strongest fire type is -
1st : Generation 1
2nd : Generation 2
3rd : Generation 5
4th : Generation 4
5th : Generation 3
and my favorite Generation for fire type is -
1st : Generation 1
2nd : Generation 2
3rd : Generation 4
4th : Generation 3
5th : Generation 5
There are three problems with your post:

Magmar has an evolution (Magmortar).

It didn't really list "Strongest Fire-Types" in the Current Topic, so please try not to go off topic. Plus, there never has been a Topic about it (But before we go into that Topic we must complete the other Topics first, so it does follow the sort-of new detail rule).

Sorry, but those were spammed and didn't have reasons, so all the points you could have earned are now cancelled, since it's your second time.

Nobody's joining the Club Events yet? Isn't that a bit weird?

Answering The Current Topic Further:

Ho-Oh and Reshiram was the strongest Fire-Types (Not including Forms), but, do their Designs live up to the expectations? Well, Ho-Oh was just all out good (Plus my second favourite of Generation II), and Reshiram was not so good, but design is nice (Also my favourite of Generation V). Charizard is just awesome, it's move-set is brilliant, it's Types are win, and is a great offensive Pokemon. Typhlosion, however, has the same amount of power as Charizard on every Stat (Except Pokeathlon), but easily wins due to big move-set, awesome design, and more. Blaziken was only decided because there are no other Fire-Types that impress me from that Generation, and I don't like it very much anyway, because it is it who started the Fire-Fighting spam. As for Infernape, it was much better than Blaziken in Design, Move-Set, power, and a whole lot more, and I just like it better. Who wouldn't want a monkey instead of a chicken? Basically, people who have played R/S/E and have grew up with it.