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Hello Pokécommunity,

I'm RaulCortez, i've been member of this forum for a while now. My account says that i signed up on 2011, but i think i've had another account here that's older than that.

There are many reasons why i haven't been really active on this forum, and even though i haven't been participating as much as i'd like to, i've been witnessing a situation that goes over and over, and that needs to be addressed.

The thing is, making users feel dumb isn't something good at all for a community like Pokécommunity.

And i'm not talking just about users, i'm talking about moderators too.

How can you possibly be a "Moderator" and act like you are above any user? I'm honestly tired of seeing some moderators saying things to users in the lines of "How can't you understand something so simple? is it really that hard for you?" and not precisely on a caring manner.

Some users here are even 13, and if you don't have the patience, the personality, or the maturity to understand that you're a moderator on a Pokémon forum, not the United Nations, then you shoudn't be moderating. Calm down your horses, amigo. I've translated an article in spanish about the criteria when choosing a moderator, for anyone that's interested:

A moderator is an user of a forum that performs tasks to keep a friendly, homely enviroment for all users. Moderators are usually chosen by an administrator. Moderators can sometimes be called mods abbreviating the word "moderators".

The criteria when choosing moderators are usually the following:
  • Knowledge about the subject: It is usual to appoint moderators who are experts or who clearly dominate the theme of the forum or subforum to be moderated. Thus, the moderator may mediate discussions more easily.
  • Contributions to forum: When a user posts quality or interesting content, they can be granted privileges for their shown interest in the forum and to improve it.
  • Good attitude towards others: A moderator should be friendly with everyone but not necessarily have to sympathize with other forum users. A conflictive user will never be appointed as a moderator as they would be unable to carry out the work intended. Therefore, users who receive moderator privileges usually have a right attitude and respect for all users.
  • Frecuency: It is important that Moderators are also regular users of the forum. Thus, it is common to witness moderation privileges removed to users who leave the forum for long periods of time.
  • "Plug": It usually occurs mainly in forums founded by groups of friends. Simply the moderator is a friend of the Administrator. This is not always beneficial and that the moderator may, from not knowing their job, do it the wrong way, with the negative effects it brings.

I'm almost 23 years old, and the thought of having a 17 year old acting on me like i'm some sort of Lvl.1 Ditto just to feed their ego feels reductive to me, and i'm sure anyone, no matter what their age is, feels the same. Stay humble.

Now, users.

Users come here to interact with other members. You register an account so that you can share your hobbies, your ideas, with other users, not your bad days. If you're not having it today or everyday, PC is sorry, but we don't have to stand it.

Being honest in your opinions is something that's always good, but saying things like "This sucks.", "This is horrible."...those aren't advice, those are insults. If you have nothing nice or constructive to say, don't say it at all.

I guess that's the feedback/suggestions(?) i have for this forum, and the major reasons why i've felt uncomfortable. I'm sure this thread will be taken in consideration as this is an issue that's more common than it should be.

Be happy and friendly people, life is too effing short to be all grumpy!