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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
That being said, moderators are people too. Just like what you said, we're moderators of a Pokemon forum, not in the United Nations. We're not paid for this and this is not a professional position. We're not required to set aside our emotions as people/members forever when we take up the role of moderator, as this isn't a job for us.
Feel free to disagree with me, but in my opinion, if you are a moderator, a responsability of it should be to stay as neutral as possible. That means setting your negative emotions aside as much as possible, in order to keep a friendly atmosphere. Pretty much like customer service.

And it should feel like a some sort of laid back job (but still a job), even if it's not and you're not being paid for it, as you're responsable for the correct functioning of a part of the big machine that is a forum.

Oh and, yes, i know reporting is the best way to handle those situations, but i'm not posting this thread because i don't know how to handle that, just to give feedback about a recurrent situation that's happening on this forum.

I understand you may not be feeling well or having a good day, but if that's the case, then simply don't comment or mod at that time. Just wait until you're in a better mood. It's better than coming off as rude and uncaring.