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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
I work in a restaurant, and I'm also a moderator here, and I do remember one time comparing the two. However, being a server in customer service, like in a restaurant, and being a moderator are not totally the same. In a restaurant, the customer is always right. On a forum, the member is not always right. So in that regard, I would definitely have to disagree. Being professional and polite, yes, that's in both services. But still. We're not getting paid over this, we're not relying on tips, and honestly, this topic doesn't seem to come up often enough to where it's a major issue. So while the customer service comparison is slightly in the right, it's still not totally there.
Again, i don't think the money aspect of it has anything to do with doing a good job as moderator.

If you accepted the job as a moderator, then i'm assuming you knew what that meant, and that it wasn't just closing threads. Also that it wasn't a paid job. I've moderated forums too, and i've worked on several positions on customer service, and i know it's hard, but as much as it is human nature to not feel on a good mood, it's human reasoning to decide if you let your emotions interfere or take a step back and handle the issue as a moderator.