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Originally Posted by RaulCortez View Post
Again, i don't think the money aspect of it has anything to do with doing a good job as moderator.

If you accepted the job as a moderator, then i'm assuming you knew what that meant, and that it wasn't just closing threads. Also that it wasn't a paid job. I've moderated forums too, and i've worked on several positions on customer service, and i know it's hard, but as much as it is human nature to not feel on a good mood, it's human reasoning to decide if you let your emotions interfere or take a step back and handle the issue as a moderator.
It's not a job at all. It's not just an unpaid job, it's not a job. If you want me to treat every member like they're paying me to moderate their threads, then go ahead and PM me and I'll give you a Paypal email and you can give me a few bucks to do so.

While we are required to not flame or be overly controversial on the forums, our job is to moderate threads. There's no requirement to be pleasant 100% of the time as long as the section is moderated and the threads are taken care of. I'm sorry if you feel that part of a moderator's job is to treat members like they pay you no matter how members treat you, but that's not how PC sees it and you're welcome to not return if you feel that it's not how you want things to be run. We have thousands of active members that find our atmosphere pleasant, so I doubt it will be changed anytime soon. :)

While being pleasant is an obvious plus, it happens that moderators aren't pleasant. You're much better off taking a "moderators are people and I should be understanding of them having emotions like people do" approach then a "I feel like I should control how moderators act, in my position as member with less than 100 posts and tenuous grasp on how PC works" approach.

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