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Not gonna lie, it's hard to take this thread seriously when the feedback is coming from someone that has been here only since 2011, has around 70 posts here, and I have never even seen. I understand your feedback is mostly from the view of a lurker, but like Toujours said, it's hard to really give feedback of this kind without proper knowledge of how things work here as opposed to other forums, like the ones you've moderated in the past. Not every forum works the same. And as it's been pointed out, there are forums with much, much worse moderators and even members. Everything else related to this is in Toujours' most recent post. Though with your high standards and opinion of what being rude is, I won't be surprised if you take this post as such. That in mind actually, what you see as rude and what I might see as rude are clearly different things. So perception of rudeness is an issue here.

Honestly, I think it would have been easier for you to PM an admin and say, "Look, so and so and what's his name are really rude moderators and blah blah" than to post a thread that just says "some moderators" since that leaves the assumption of "that could possibly be me" to some of us mods. And in the case of members, it would have been easier to just report them as well.

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