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Name(In Game): N
Game: Blue, Silver, Ruby, Platinum and Black.
Pokemon to Keep: None
Ultimate: Yes

Taking the challenge a set further with these extra rules!
- N's team always resolves around the natural fauna, therefore, Pokemon must be released once they have traveld two routes away from where they were captured. Cities do not count.
- Whiting or Blacking out, means releasing your whole team.
- If a Pokemon gets a status effect it must be healed immediatly.
- If a pokemon is missing HP after the battle ends, you must use a healing item on it. (Unless you cannot buy potions yet.)
- If a pokemon is missing 50% HP after the battle ends you must heal it at a Pokemon Center Immediatly.
- If a pokemon has less than %10 of its HP left after battle, it must be healed and released.
- If a pokemon faints, it must be released.
- The faint and HP rule, may be challanged by the rolling of ONE D20. Roll a 10 or 20 and the pokemon remains until it would normally have been released.
- TM's may not be taught to a pokemon.
- HM's are limited to one per pokemon.
- The above HM rule may only be broken if the game cannot proceed.
- N always treats pokemon kindly. Rare Candy and other status boosting items must be used the moment you find them.
- In pokemon Black, Reshiram will be kept.

Note: The only exception to the route rule is the Elite Four, Red, Steven, Stark Mountain Sidequest and Cynthia.
In these exceptions pokemon from FIVE routes away may be used.

.... I think I have this thing, where I think to make things 10X harder for myself.
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