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Ok, I wanted to get this in last night before I fell asleep but pokecommunity was having this backup session. I have been working on Crystal version all week in my spare time (which isn't that much, mind you). My sister is in for the weekend so I won't have much time to play.

Pokemon Crystal Update

Number of Badges: 3

*Started game, named myself Silver (Because I like silver)
*Did the whole "Find Oak at Mr. Pokemon House" skit
*Started to really fight as many pokemon as I could. Got Clyde (my Totodile) up to lvl. 10
*Fought Rival and named him Gold (As a counterpart to silver)
*Started capturing pokemon and training them. Caught a Pidgey (Anna), Geodude (Taylor), and Caterpie (Clemon, who I evolved to a metapod at Lvl. 8 and a Butterfree at Lvl. 10)
*Fought my way to Violet City and caught a Bellsprout (No nickname), which I traded for an Onix named ROCKY.
*Went through Sprout Tower for training and defeated everyone
*Defeated Falkner quick and painlessly
*started to catch some pokemon after the gym fight: Allen the Ekans, Sam the Sandshrew, Cecil the Zubat, Hopper the Hoppip. I boxed all of these
*Caught a shiny Hoppip (No kidding at all either), named it Shiny, and learned that it is basically useless for this challenge (Look at the moves when I post them)
*Ran Team Rocket into the ground at Slowpoke Well as well as capturing a Slowpoke myself
*Defeated Azelea town gym and Bugsy. Clyde evolved into Croconaw.
*Ran into my rival and beat him down
*Went through Ilex forest (like a boss)
*Finally got to Goldenrod City and did some more training, Resulting in Anna evolving into a Pidgeotto and Shiny evolving into a Skiploom.
*Fought my way through to Witney, only to lose my first time (I made the idiot move of letting Rollout get too many turns in, which destroyed my whole team). Defeated her the second time with Anna using Sand-Attack to stop all attacks.
*Grabbed the bike from the bike store
*Gained the egg from the Daycare man and ran around for (Literally) 40 minutes to get the dang thing to hatch into a Tyrogue.
*Started to train the poor thing (after saving it). Had to turn it off and retry the training around 8 times before I got it to evolve into a Hitmontop.
*Did the bug-Catching contest and caught a Scyther (Cutter)
*Caught a SudoWoodo (Amon) on my way to Ecruteak City, where I finally got Bill to go back to his house.
*Followed Bill back and received an Eevee, which I put in the daycare with a Ditto for all the baby Eevee!

Current Pokemon Team:

Taylor the Graveler Lvl. 25
Tackle (Going to replace this with Strength)
Defense Curl
Rock Throw

Shiny the Skiploom Lvl. 23
Tail Whip

Anna the Pidgeotto Lvl. 24
Tackle (Replacing with Fly)
Quick Attack

Clyde the Croconaw Lvl. 24
Water Gun (I might replace this one if I don't catch another pokemon that can learn surf)

Ian the Hitmontop Lvl. 20
Tackle (Most likely going to replace this one with Strength if the other attacks are good)
Dizzy Punch