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So once again I come across a wild Pokémon by script, a Pichu. Of course, I have no balls (no dirty jokes, please). This one is AREA UNKNOWN, meaning I won't see it again? Or am I later able to find a Pikachu/Raichu somewhere, and perhaps breed it?

EDIT: Now in 403. One thing I noticed particularly with 402 and 403 is, when entering the Route (402 from either side), you find people suddenly appearing on the screen as if a magician cast a spell. Also, the presence of Red (nice, BTW) and his Croagunk actually causes a massive slowdown due to too many sprites on the screen in 403. Might it have been better to plop him at the beginning of the Route next to the first funny-looking tree, thus clearing the script immediately and preventing this problem? Sure, you might need additional script markers, but it's better than slowing down the game. The university talking guy (who is the one who magically appears in 403) could be moved further into the Route, then. I see that the funny trees are indeed people events and thus sprites, not landscaping, which is what I believe leads to the slowdown.

Again, this is just IMO.

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