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Aeris'(Aerith's?) death was probably the thing that hit me the most. Yes the plot had something to do with it but that isn't the real reason it hurt me the most. You see on my first play through of FFVII, during the first disc I exclusively used Cloud, Tifa and Aeris(Aerith?) whenever I could. I missed a lot of the optional stuff so Vincent and Yuffie weren't even on my team. But near the end of disc one I had already obtained Omnislash and Great Gospel(the latter is a complete waste of time). So I get to this sad end and I realise that my party is one third weaker than what it was just moments ago. Now you know this gets worse since Cloud is missing for like half of disc two and Tifa is only gets like 5 more minutes with you before she joins Cloud. So Aeris'(Aerith's?) death was sad for me because it was the start of the hardships that were to come and clearly she was a character I liked a lot that's why she always on my team.

Now the death actually touched me the most and doesn't affect game play.. You never see this death, in fact it makes it even sadder that you don't. Throughout FFIX you get to know a wide range of characters, one of the most prominent ones is Vivi, the artificial Black Mage. Most of the game is actually about Vivi following Zidane around as he learns about life and even death. One of the things the game points out is that these artificial Black Mages have very short lifespans. At the end of the game the epilogue is a bunch of scenes some months after the final boss fight depicting the state of the world and how everyone is getting along. However, Vivi is dead and between scene transmissions you read parts of a letter Vivi wrote before he died, supposedly to Zidane whom he admired most and is also presumably dead. I'm not very good at explaining this you can just watch the youtube video here.

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