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Team Munch

Hello, I am Munchhack. I am here to ask you for your help with my Pokemon Game. The Pokemon Game is called, Pokemon Legend of Deoxys. I have been wanting to make a hack quite some time. I have been playing Pokemon for six years now, and have been playing Pokemon Hacks for three. I'm good at scripting, okay at mapping, and horrible at spriting. I have drawn a number of Fakemon, and am looking for a spriter to sprite them out for me.

Current Project

Pokemon Legend of Deoxys
Hack of Firered
Story Line(Might Change): In the Meteon Region, you have been chosen to defeat Team Clone, who apparently are clones. Team Clone's soul purpose is to catch the legendary Pokemon Deoxys, and rule the world! You and your friend Brandon, which you met when fighting Team Clone, must defeat Team Clone and, will you defeat them, or will you fail and let them rule the world?

All these features could change
  • New Gym Badge Mechanics
  • Story after Pokemon League
  • Fakemon
  • New Trainer
  • Original Story
  • New Moves
  • New Region
  • New Map
  • New Evil Team
  • One Original Evil Team
  • Day and Night System
  • Buterfree as Starter
  • New Hero
  • New Trainers
  • Gym Leaders now known as badge guardian
  • New Music
  • New Tiles
  • More than eight gyms
  • Two Pokemon Leagues

Completed So Far
So far I have made some scripts, maps, events, ect. Unfortunately, I don't have access to my old computer, so I have to remake the whole game. I'm actually kind of glad that I have to remake it, because I had a couple of bugs I couldn't fix. I have also drawn a world map and some fakemon. I also have a plot written out(again also might change).


Pokemon name:???
Pokemon Type: Ghost-Fire


My Skills
I am good at scripting, mapping, and plotting the story line.
Help Needed
  • Spriter
  • OW'er
  • Mapper
  • Scripter
  • Story Liner
  • Music Inserter
  • Music Creator
  • Tiler
  • ASM'er
  • Graphic Maker
  • World Map Editor
  • Banner Artist
  • OW Inserter
  • Badge Designer
  • Any other positions that I did not list here please tell!
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