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If we are going to add gyms, I think we should make 10. The types could be 1 fire 2 normal 3 water 4 ghost 5 dark 6 grass 7 phycic 8 rock 9 dragon 10 all around

Also, could I be co leader of the team? And r me and u the only ones? If so, should I start asking ppl to join?

EDIT Ill try to beef up the sprites you made but I'm going to have to say I'm probably not going to be able to do it. When I sprite. I take pre existing Pokemon and erase certain parts of them and recolor. When I do that though I make them look original. Ill try tho.

By the way, add a sprite insert or to the needed list because I can put some of my sprites in but not all.
Like dis post now!

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